Letting Go – Self Love 2020 : Day 2

What is something you need less of in 2020 ?

I thought about this a lot.

There are so many things (i.e bad habits, toxic traits, etc) that we hold on to because they are familiar and changing them requires a lot of courage and hard work.



This is crazy.

I’m like a metronome. Swinging back and forth. Hollow and pouring. Alive and dead. Hopeful and terrified.


What Does Self Love Mean To You ? – Self Love 2020 : Day 1


Today is day 1 of the Self Love blog post challenge for 2020. Every other Sunday, I’ll write about an aspect or a topic related to self love. You can stay updated by downloading the Self Love Monthly Calendars.



I’m sorry in advance if this playlist is all over the place, it’s only right because 2019 was a shit show.

So here are some songs that got me through this year alive.

EDIT : While making this, I took a look at MUSIC THAT MADE MY 2018 and I found that I was repeating most of the songs there, smh.. I never change.

DEAN – Sometimes I hear Howlin’ in my head